Dr Alistair Boyce

Welcome! I am a global seismologist interested in a range of questions concerning active and ancient mantle processes. In September 2021, I joined the LGL-TPE, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon1 as a postdoc to work on Bayesian surface wave inversion to better understand craton evolution. Check out our work published in Geophysical Research Letters in February 2024 here. I am now working on expanding global tomographic datasets using a novel time window selection method available on Github.

Previously I was a Postdoctoral Research Associate working with Sanne Cottaar at the University of Cambridge. There I focused on improving our understanding of the mantle structure and dynamics beneath Africa using passive seismic imaging of both large-scale velocity structure and sharp discontinuities.

From my time in Cambridge, please check out the Deep Earth Explorers Sedgwick museum of Earth Science exhibit website!