AFRP22 Paper published in Gcubed


New paper out in Gcubed - Aug 2023. In this paper we develop AFRP22 an absolute P-wave tomographic model for Africa with focus on the East African rift using new data from the TRAILS project in the Turkana depression. We also update the MTZ RF data base from East Africa. We reveal that the thinnest transition zone in East Africa lies below the NW Turkana Depression and is underlain by a mid to lower mantle plume tail. We also uncover refractory lithosphere in SE Ethiopia that governed the northern extent of Mesozoic Anza rifting and southeastern limit of flood basaltic magmatism. For more information, see the links below:

  • Download the paper here.
  • Download the supplementary material here.
  • Download the tomographic model: AFRP22 here.
  • Raw data files, processed data (including arrival-time picks), inversion software package and plotting codes will be available after embargo here.