CAP22 Paper published in JGR


New paper out in JGR - Feb 2023. In this paper we develop CAP22, a new P-wave tomographic model for North America with focus on Canada and Alaska. We incorporate >202,000 absolute arrival time picks from temporary seismograph stations in Canada and Alaska along with USArray and global data sets. Imaged fast wavespeed subducted remnants suggest revision of Alaskan and proto Pacific subduction models is necessary. Slow wavespeed structures imply Slave Craton metasomatic modification and tectonic inheritance during Cordilleran orogenesis. For more information, see the links below:

  • Download the paper here.
  • Download the supplementary material here.
  • Download the tomographic model: CAP22 here.
  • Raw data files, processed data (including arrival-time picks), inversion software package and plotting codes are available here.